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Private Tutoring

Knack Academics has a reputation for offering one of the best private tutoring services in West Vancouver and the North Shore. With plenty of resources (SMART Boards, course material) at their disposable, our students thrive in one-on-one learning environments.

Group Tutoring

For students that perform best in smaller social environments, Knack Academics also offers group tutoring services. Under the watchful eye of our tutors, students (max 3) work alongside their peers and stay focused and learning together.

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  • Grade 6 - 10 (BC Curriculum)
  • Pre-Calculus 11 & 12
  • Foundations 11 & 12
  • Calculus 12
  • IB/AP Mathematics


  • Grade 6 - 10 (BC Curriculum)
  • Biology 11 & 12
  • Chemistry 11 & 12
  • Physics 11 & 12
  • IB/AP Sciences

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For students studying for admissions exams, be it for private school or US universities, Knack Academics offers full support for exam preparations

Distributed Learning (DL) Course Support

Students looking to fast-track through secondary school often consider the Distributed Learning program. Knack Academics

Knack Academics offers for credit programs for these courses over the summer. Prospective students can enrol with any Distributed Learning School in British Columbia and receive instruction through group or private sessions at Knack Academics.

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Summer Bootcamp

Knack Academics partners with Options Solutions during the summer vacation to offer crash courses in Pre-Calculus 11 & 12

These 15 hour in-classroom sessions familiarize students with course material ahead of time, giving them a head start in the new school year.

Please Contact us at Knack Academics or Options Solutions for more information at 604.922.8456.